Lara Lester

Peter Thorn

Name: Lara Lester

Type of governor: Parent Governor and Member

Date first appointed: May 2017

Committees/Special responsibility: People and External Relations.

Background (employment, experience etc): HR Manager working for an innovative multinational software company in Maidenhead. I have many years’ experience in management, training, learning & development, and recruitment. I am a member of the senior management team and one of my key roles is to influenceand develop the strategy and vision of the company’s people agenda

Why became a governor: I am passionate about children’s education, especially at secondary school and beyond. I believe that every young person should be given the opportunity to be able to grow and be given the best education to succeed academically, in sport or recreational education. I would like the opportunity to put what I have been working on in the private sector to contribute to the schools policies and vision and be able to champion our children’s education. My career experience to date means I can challenge when required, leveraging my interpersonal skills to encourage the best from teams and staff. I will also be able to help facilitate effective change to contribute to getting the best for our children and the school.