Plain black games shorts Plain black games skort or shorts
 Black tracksuit trousers with school logo (optional) Black tracksuit trousers with school logo (optional)
 Black & green polo shirt with school logo
Black & white mid-layer track top with school logo
White ankle/sport socks/black ankle socks
Sports trainers
Hairband for shoulder length or longer hair
Plain black football/hockey socks
Football boots (moulded studs only)
Gum shield for contact sports
Shin pads
Hoodies are NOT allowed
Jewellery, watches, earrings etc. are NOT allowed. Students with newly pierced ears will not be able to take part until the earrings can be removed (we do not allow students to cover earrings with tape).
Any personal items such as iPods/earphones/phones are NOT allowed and the school is not responsible if these items go missing


I would also like to take this opportunity to explain to new parents and students the expectations that the PE department have and the reasons for them:

  • Students are required to bring their PE kit to every lesson regardless of illness or injury. Those that do not will be placed into a lunchtime detention.
  • If your child is suffering from illness or injury then a note will be required to explain its nature. However, this note is only a request from you. As professionals, we, the staff in the PE department, know what activity we have planned and therefore can make judgements on whether it is necessary for your child to be excused from the lesson. We often find that by modifying the activity, those with illnesses or injuries are still able to learn and participate in some form. Any illness or injury lasting more than two weeks will require a note from either the doctor or hospital.
  • Students who are injured or suffering from illness will still be expected to get changed into their PE kit for the lesson unless the injury or illness prevents them or would be made worse by doing so. The reasons for this are:
  • Depending on the activity your child may still be able to participate in some aspect of the lesson as explained above.
  • Your child must stay with their teaching group at all times. That may mean that your child is expected to go on to the field in times of bad weather. This results in them getting their school clothes wet, which they then have to sit around in for the rest of the day, often making their illness worse. By changing into their PE kit on such days, your child will have clean and dry clothes to wear for the rest of the day, helping their recovery rate from the illness.

All items must be named ready for when your child starts school No aerosols are allowed in the PE changing rooms.