Rocks Green

Rocks Green is a rock concert being held to raise money for the charity Nordoff Robins which aims to change the lives of young people through music therapy across the UK.

The concert is set to take place on Thursday 15th March but had previously been postponed because of the snow.

Liam Talbot, who is organising the event explained how hard it has been to organise the event.

Rocks Green

“The first date was hard enough to find because we have got so many bands and so many different events that we’re doing.”

Liam, who plays the saxophone, piano and also sings, is arranging the event for a number of reasons.

“I first got involved in the Rocks Green event when I was in Year 7 and really enjoyed it and I thought the sixth formers who were in charge at the time were the coolest people ever.”

Bryony Hollands was a former pupil at Cox Green School and was killed by a drink-driver in August 2015. When asked what she would think of the Rocks Green event, Liam said;

“She would have loved it, she would have been really involved setting it all up and helping us out.”

Rocks Green will have a number of exciting bands including Liam’s and other such as Longdaylongnight and singer Tara Deane.

Tickets are only £5

By Noah, Owen, Luke B, Laurence, Cameron, Ryan, Luke P, Sophie, Lily-Ann, Isa, Holly and Gaby