CGS Mini Challenges

We are delighted that you have been allocated a place and we look forward to working with you over the next 7 years!

Are you ready to join us?  Have a go at the below ‘Mini Challenges’.  We would love to hear how you get on with the challenges.  Please email us your results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Challenge Number 1



  How quickly can you pack your school bag?


  Draw your favourite lunch.  Be creative as you like for example you can utilise materials from your kitchen or garden.  Email a picture of your creation.


  Design a medal that you would like to receive.  Be as creative as you like.  Your design can be made using any method e.g. created on the computer or created out of materials.
  Email a picture of your medal.


  Make a list here about what uniform you think will be worn.

Look at for your next mission on this web page for (future challenges) if you choose to accept!

Ask your parent/carer to follow us on social media as we look forward to sharing the results of your challenges with our community.

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